Meteor Albacon 2003
Science Fiction Convention
October 10-12, 2003
Columbus Day Weekend
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Documentary Taping at Albacon 2003

Attention! All program Participants and convention attendees:

LASTSFA is working on a documentary about Science Fiction in general and related club activities.

LASTSFA member Gilbert Santini will be filming the convention as part of this. He will film some panel groups, and other activities, probably including the masquerade, and will try to get some comments from individuals as well as shots of the audience. Mr. Santini will have "model release" forms to be filled out by anyone who would like to be part of the video. And, no one who hasn't signed a form will be visible in the finished project. Anyone under 18 will need consent from a parent or guardian as well, with a signature on the release form.

Mr. Santini will make an effort to interview a broad range of people to show the diversity of fandom, and will interview as many people as possible, but time may be limited, as the finished product may be only half an hour.

Mr. Santini has already filmed a club sponsored reading at Flights of Fantasy, which included some audience comments, and interviews, including some of gamers who were present.

The documentary is expected to be released on public access cable, hopefully throughout the state, and may be released more widely, if the finished project seems to merit such, and others agree.

Copies may also be available, as well. Info will be posted on the LASTSFA website.

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