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Mur Lafferty GOH

I am proud to announce that Mur Lafferty has agreed to be one of our Guests of Honor at Albacon 2014.5. I first heard of (and heard) Mur when she was Editor of Escape Pod, a really awesome weekly Science Fiction Podcast.

Hotel Reservation and Party Pages are up

The Hotel Reservation and Party Information pages are live on the web site. The hotel is ready to start taking room reservations. If you plan on hosting a Party at Albacon 2014.5, make sure to read the party page and submit the Party Request Form.

GOH Update

We could not contact our GOH candidates until we had a facility and dates nailed down (we had tried without those and it was a disaster). So we are now in discussions with our GOH choices. For a whole host of really good reasons we do NOT discuss who we are talking to until they commit. Once we have a commitment we will be posting that information here. Thanks for your patience.

Accessibility (no elevator ?)

There have been a number of questions recently over on Social Media about the lack of an elevator at the Albacon 2014.5 hotel. The basic question is how is that going to effect an attendee who cannot walk up and down stairs. The hotel’s ballroom where we will have the Art Show, Dealer’s Room, and Programming is on the ground floor. The Con Suite and Social Meetup spaces will be on the ground floor. Registration […]