Accessibility (no elevator ?)

There have been a number of questions recently over on Social Media about the lack of an elevator at the Albacon 2014.5 hotel. The basic question is how is that going to effect an attendee who cannot walk up and down stairs.

The hotel’s ballroom where we will have the Art Show, Dealer’s Room, and Programming is on the ground floor. The Con Suite and Social Meetup spaces will be on the ground floor. Registration and Information (and perhaps more) will be in the lobby, right outside the ballroom, on the ground floor. We are blocking Party Rooms on the ground floor.

There are only two function rooms on the second floor of the hotel; one is a small “board room” and the other a slightly larger meeting room. It is our intention to use those spaces for convention management functions, such as program operations, newsletter, secure storage, and other similar functions.

When we first considered this hotel we flagged the lack of an elevator as a problem. We are very aware of the situation in terms of access to rooms on the second floor and are keeping that in mind as we plan what is going where.