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Albacon 2016 Scheduled! (7/10/2015) - Albacon 2016 is scheduled, and David Weber will be our Guest of Honor.  It will be held March 4-6, 2016 at the Best Western Airport Inn — the same place as last year.  More news to come!
Costume Prizes Awarded (5/10/2015) - Photos of the costume prize winners. 3rd place, earlier in the day they were characters from Sailor Moon.   2nd place (courtesy of Cameron Calkins) 1st place Some of the other entries:
Publications are posted (5/10/2015) - The Program Book and At-Con Newsletters, as well as other publications, are now available for download. Click here.
Friday is Over… (5/9/2015) - But there is still lots to do at Albacon On Saturday and Sunday. We had 115 people pick up their registrations on Friday. By 3:15 PM on Saturday another 48 had joined us, brining the total number to 163. On Friday we had the Writer’s Workshop, the Ice Cream Social, Art Show opening reception, and our Guest of Honor had a chance to practice with her team for Saturday’s Starship Horizons mission.
Play Starship Horizons (5/4/2015) - will be presenting the Starship Horizons Bridge Experience! Starship Horizons is a multi-player bridge simulation experience allowing 2-5 players to work together as the ships Bridge Officers. The core gameplay experience is designed around players commanding their own Starship as the bridge officers in the roles of Captain, Flight, Tactical, Science and Operations. Sign up now!
Preliminary Schedule Online (4/29/2015) - The preliminary schedule for the convention is now available (.pdf):  Pocket Program Grid
Albacon is looking for wombat stories (3/31/2015) - Albacon is honoring “the wombat”, jan howard finder, in a special way this year. jan was one of the founders of Albacon and passed away in February of 2013. He is our Ghost of Honor this year. To honor and remember him we are asking for short stories about your encounters with “the wombat”. Please send us your “wombat stories” via our web site and we will publish as many as we can both on […]
Cash for Costumes at Albacon (3/25/2015) - This year Albacon will be awarding cash prizes for the best costumes worn at the convention on Saturday. Anyone with an Albacon membership (full convention or one day) wearing a costume in public during the convention on Saturday is eligible; Cosplay, Anime, SteamPunk, traditional costume. Our secret judges will choose the winners. The prizes will be $100 for best, $50 for second, and $25 for third. Each person is only eligible to win one prize, […]
Want a free book? Come to Albacon! (3/10/2015) - Albacon 2014.5 will be giving away copies of the NESFA Press hardcover book, “Here Comes Civilization: The Complete SF of William Tenn, Volume 2” by William Tenn to convention attendees. This book is a $29 value and there are a limited number available which will be given out on a first come basis at the convention. Albacon and LASTSFA thank NESFA and NESFA Press for this generous donation. From the NESFA Press web page on […]
Writer’s Workshop details finally ironed out (3/1/2015) - We have been ironing out the final details of our Writer’s Workshop, and we are very happy to announce that we will be holding it in conjunction with Albacon again. It will be all day Friday and includes lunch. Note that the Workshop is an add-on to Albacon and has an additional fee (to cover the cost of lunch).
Art Show Information Posted (2/8/2015) - Initial information on the Art Show and Information for Artists has been posted to the web site. If you are interested in displaying artwork at Albacon, take a look at the Information for Artists page.
Early Bird Registration Extended (10/15/2014) - The Early Bird Registration rate of $25 per person has been extended to October 31. On November 1 the registration rate goes up to $30 per person.
Mur Lafferty GOH (9/21/2014) - I am proud to announce that Mur Lafferty has agreed to be one of our Guests of Honor at Albacon 2014.5. I first heard of (and heard) Mur when she was Editor of Escape Pod, a really awesome weekly Science Fiction Podcast.
Hotel Reservation and Party Pages are up (9/15/2014) - The Hotel Reservation and Party Information pages are live on the web site. The hotel is ready to start taking room reservations. If you plan on hosting a Party at Albacon 2014.5, make sure to read the party page and submit the Party Request Form.
GOH Update (9/13/2014) - We could not contact our GOH candidates until we had a facility and dates nailed down (we had tried without those and it was a disaster). So we are now in discussions with our GOH choices. For a whole host of really good reasons we do NOT discuss who we are talking to until they commit. Once we have a commitment we will be posting that information here. Thanks for your patience.
Registration is Open (9/13/2014) - Registration for Albacon 2014.5 is now open. Visit the Registration Page to get started.
Accessibility (no elevator ?) (9/6/2014) - There have been a number of questions recently over on Social Media about the lack of an elevator at the Albacon 2014.5 hotel. The basic question is how is that going to effect an attendee who cannot walk up and down stairs. The hotel’s ballroom where we will have the Art Show, Dealer’s Room, and Programming is on the ground floor. The Con Suite and Social Meetup spaces will be on the ground floor. Registration […]
Albacon 2014.5 is a Go (8/27/2014) - After spending many months talking to virtually every facility in the Albany, NY area with function space (and the hotels that go with them) we have finally found a facility that can hold all we want to do and that both we and you can afford. We found a number of really cool facilities, but the adjoining hotels were not even willing to consider a room night rate of less than $149! We knew that […]
Why 2014 and a half? (8/26/2014) - Back when Albacon’s parent organization, LASTSFA decided to bid for the World Fantasy Convention for 2015, it was decided NOT to hold an Albacon in 2015, just as we had (not) done in 2007. In order to make Albacon more affordable, it was decided to find a facility in the Albany, NY area that had three things: Sufficient function space Function space fees that would not bankrupt LASTSFA Affordable guest room rates for our attendees […]