Information for Artists

If you are interested in exhibiting and possibly selling artwork at Albacon, please take a look at the information below and download the three documents linked below.

The purpose of this Art Show is to exhibit and sell original artwork of a science fiction, fantasy, and/or fannish nature. Both flat and 3-D artwork will be accepted for display and sale.

  1. All flat art must be matted, framed or otherwise mounted. Framed works must have a wire for hanging.
  2. Every piece, whether print, flat or 3-D, must be labeled with its title, price and the artist’s name.
  3. Computer prints will be considered original art only if accompanied by a notarized statement from the artist confirming same; otherwise, they will be treated as prints.
  4. Only single copies of limited edition prints (under 500 copies) will be allowed in the Art Show. Otherwise the item(s) will be entered in the Print Shop (see section 6 under Art Show Fees).
  5. Once an item has been entered in the Art Show, it may not be withdrawn or the conditions of sale (e.g. the minimum bid amount) changed without the consent of the Art Show Director.
  6. Art sales do not include reproduction rights. The artist and buyer must negotiate separately in accordance with current copyright laws.
  7. Artwork receiving 3 or more bids will go to the voice auction on Sunday. Artwork receiving 2 or fewer bids at the close of the Art Show on Sunday will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet.
  8. Any artwork legally bid for but not collected and paid for by the buyer will be retained by the Art Show Director. We will make every effort to contact the buyer, remind them of their legal obligation to pay for purchased art at the bid price, collect funds due and remit to the artist. If we are unable to complete the sale within one month, the art will be returned to the artist.
  9. All entries of original art must be your own original work on a science fiction, fantasy or fannish theme. All entries of prints must be based on your own original work on the same themes. We will not permit the resale of previously purchased artwork.
  10. In order to be represented by an agent at the convention, you must complete the agency section of the reservation form and provide your agent with a signed letter of agency to present at the Art Show.
  11. For your protection, photography will not be permitted in the Art Show, with the exception of supervised, professional press. If you object to having your works used, with credit, by press reviewing the convention, please indicate this on your reservation form.
  12. Your artwork and prints are not considered to have been checked in to the Art Show until the control sheets have been checked and signed by a staff member. We do not accept any responsibility for your artwork or prints until they have been checked in by us.
  13. No space reservations will be held after noon on Saturday unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director. Unclaimed space will be forfeited (along with fees paid) and reassigned to walk-in art.
  14. Please keep in mind our Artist Check-out hours on Sunday; please plan on having your items out of the Art Show before the end of Artist Check-out so that we may clear the room as soon as possible. We reserve the right to remove artwork from its display space in order to expedite the tear-down process if the artist or agent does not make a timely appearance.


  1. The basic unit of space for flat work is the panel, which is made of pegboard and is 4′ high by 6′ wide. For 3-D art, the basic unit is the table, which is 6′ long by 30″ deep. Please remember that the space you reserve must include any clearance between pieces, including space for their attached bid sheets. Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table, and it may not interfere with any works displayed by any other artist.
  2. You are not limited to reserving full panels or tables. The available fractional units and their prices are as follows:
    1 Panel 4′ X 6′: $20
    1 Table 6′ X 30″: $20
    2/3 Panel 4′ X 4′: $15
    2/3 Table 4′ X 30″: $15
    1/3 Panel 4′ X 2′: $10
    1/3 Table 2′ X 30″: $10
  3. Each artist may reserve up to two panels or 1 table, or a combination of panels and/or tables up to a maximum of two. Requests for additional space will be granted only with the advance approval of the Art Show Director.
  4. Floor space for large free-standing artwork will be charged at a special rate. Please write to us for a rate quote and include all details about the piece(s) and supports (if any).
  5. We will have a separate display area for Print Shop, with ALL copies of each print hung on large pegboard hooks for buyers to pick up themselves. You must have 3-10 IDENTICAL copies of each image entered. Copies of an image that are of a different size, matted vs. framed, should be considered as separate images when doing your Control Sheet. You MUST purchase panel space for Print Shop; there is NO per print fee. EACH print must have a Print Shop tag on it—these will either be mailed to you or will be available on the web site.

  7. Albacon 2014.5 will accept mailed-in art and prints. There will be a $10 handling fee per artist for mailed-in art. In addition, sufficient funds must accompany the art to cover return postage and insurance. Any surplus will be returned to the artist. An address for mail-in artwork will be supplied with the control & bid sheet packet.

Art Show Documents
Please download all three of these if you are interested in displaying and possibly selling your artwork at Albacon.
Artist Cover Letter 2014.5
Rules – Fees – Information 2014.5