jan howard finder a.k.a. wombat

wombat takes a break while chairing Albacon 2008

jan howard finder (always lower case), known by most in fandom as “wombat” for his love of this creature from down under, is one of the reasons there is an Albacon. He chaired the very first Albacon and then chaired it again in 2008. jan passed away in February of 2013. We honor him as our Ghost of Honor.

Expect to find various wombat themed items throughout the convention. We are even planning a What Would Wombat Do (WWWD) panel. See the explanation for Twenty Fourteen and a Half for an example of what jan would have done.

To help us honor and remember him we are asking for short stories about your encounters with “the wombat”. Please send us your “wombat stories” and we will publish as many as we can on both the web site and in the Albacon 2014.5 program book.

Feel free to submit as many stories as you like, the more the merrier. To submit another story, just click on the jan howard finder link under Guests of Honor to get back to this page.

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