Writer’s Workshop
Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Once again, there will be a Writer’s Workshop in conjunction with Albacon on Friday. The Writer’s Workshop requires advanced registration and has an additional fee to cover the cost of lunch on Friday, which is included.

Ice Cream SocialIce Cream Social
Friday, 8:00 PM
Make your own Ice Cream Sundae and chat with Guests and other fans.

Art Show Reception
Friday, 9:30 PM
Enjoy light “finger food” while touring the Art Show.

Saturday Night Extravaganza
Saturday, 7:30 PM
The SNE is never the same twice, but always fun.

Costume Prizes Awarded (5/10/2015) - Photos of the costume prize winners. 3rd place, earlier in the day they were characters from Sailor Moon.   2nd place (courtesy of Cameron Calkins) 1st place Some of the other entries:
Friday is Over… (5/9/2015) - But there is still lots to do at Albacon On Saturday and Sunday. We had 115 people pick up their registrations on Friday. By 3:15 PM on Saturday another 48 had joined us, brining the total number to 163. On Friday we had the Writer’s Workshop, the Ice Cream Social, Art Show opening reception, and our Guest of Honor had a chance to practice with her team for Saturday’s Starship Horizons mission.
Cash for Costumes at Albacon (3/25/2015) - This year Albacon will be awarding cash prizes for the best costumes worn at the convention on Saturday. Anyone with an Albacon membership (full convention or one day) wearing a costume in public during the convention on Saturday is eligible; Cosplay, Anime, SteamPunk, traditional costume. Our secret judges will choose the winners. The prizes will be $100 for best, $50 for second, and $25 for third. Each person is only eligible to win one prize, […]
Writer’s Workshop details finally ironed out (3/1/2015) - We have been ironing out the final details of our Writer’s Workshop, and we are very happy to announce that we will be holding it in conjunction with Albacon again. It will be all day Friday and includes lunch. Note that the Workshop is an add-on to Albacon and has an additional fee (to cover the cost of lunch).