Writer’s Workshop

Once again, there will be a Writer’s Workshop in conjunction with Albacon on Friday. Authors will discuss various aspects of publishing and, if there’s interest, we will look into having aspiring authors submit work for critiquing by published authors (time permitting). Get advice on how to polish and market your work.

The workshop is held in conjunction with Albacon. An Albacon membership is required as well as registration for the Workshop. There is an additional fee for the Workshop which covers the cost of Friday’s lunch (included with the Workshop). On the Albacon registration form, select one of the “Full plus Writer’s Workshop” items.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, May 8

9:00 am
So You Want to be a Writer
A look at the basics — plotting, characterization, and just plain finding the time.

10:00 am
Critiquing Your Work
A discussion of how to get honest comments and criticisms and what writers groups can and cannot do for you.

11:00 am
Looking Your Best
Editing and cleaning up your work prior to submission.  How to get the help you need.

(included with workshop membership)

1:00 pm
Getting it Published
Getting an agent, a publisher, or going it alone.  What options are available?

2:00 pm
Getting the Word Out
Using social media and other methods of letting people know about your work

3:00 pm
The Business of Writing
Record keeping, taxes, and more ways to keep track of your career.

4:00 pm
Writer’s Circle