Writers’ Workshop

Once again, there will be a Writer’s Workshop in conjunction with Albacon all day Friday. Authors will discuss various aspects of publishing and, if there’s interest, we will look into having aspiring authors submit work for critiquing by published authors (time permitting). Get advice on how to polish and market your work.

The workshop is held in conjunction with Albacon. An Albacon membership is required as well as registration for the Workshop. There is no additional charge for the Writer’s Workshop, but there is a cost associated with Friday’s Lunch.


WritersTypewriterWriter: (n) dreamer of incredible dreams and spinner of fabulous tales; recorder of invisible friend’s voices; paragon of persistence. See also: wine, coffee, cats, chocolate.

Writers’ Workshop: (n) a gathering of writers coming together in the name of creativity; an exchange of words, ideas, strategies, and techniques; a method of providing support to each other and to the writing community.

Whether you’re an established professional or an enthusiastic novice, you’ll want to join the Writers’ Workshop. The workshop will blast off on March 4, 2016, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The Writers’ Workshop is offered as part of Albacon 2016, Albany’s premiere SciFi/Fantasy/Horror/Comic/Costuming event.

So what’s in it for me???

a) A variety of panel discussions featuring experienced editors and writers, including Albacon Guest of Honor David Weber, discussing topics important to your work and your success.
b) Opportunities to network with other writers, both during the programs and also at an awesome lunch where you’ll be able to talk one on one with peers and pros.
c) Critique sessions, where you’ll be able to get immediate feedback on your work-in-progress from published authors.
d) A fun, accessible way to improve your writing skills and learn more about the publishing process. You’ll get insightful advice, timely tips, and peerless perspectives, and learn how to polish and market your deathless prose.

Q: Do I need to be a writer of SciFi/Fantasy/Horror?
A: Absolutely… not. No matter your genre, this event is for you. In fact, a diverse group makes for a much more interesting session.

Q: What will it cost me?
A: About seven hours of your life–spent in the company of an amazing group of writers and editors. Oh, and a paltry $50—$35 for the event and $15 for the cool (and yummy) networking luncheon.

Q: Does the cost also provide membership in Albacon?
A: You bet it does. You’ll have access to all the con events, all weekend long. There will be panel discussions, art exhibits, dealers, interviews, films, games, readings, autographs! And the famous Ice Cream Social.