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Thanks for Attending and see you next year! (3/6/2016) - The convention was a great success.  Thanks to everyone who attended. Albacon 2017 will be held March 31-April 2 2017 at the same location.  Charles Gannon is Guest of Honor.
Final Program Guide (3/4/2016) - Here is the final (for now) program grid.  There have been room changes. 2016 Grid final All events scheduled for the Shaker Room have been moved to the Breakfast Room. David Weber reading will be held in the bar. Quantum Mechanics presentation will now be at 11:00 Sunday morning events scheduled for the Shaker Room are both one hour later. [...]
Tentative Program Guide uploaded (2/24/2016) - The tentative program guides are now available. 2016 Grid final
GOH Ramsey Campbell Update (2/21/2016) - Ramsey Campbell’s health will prevent him from making the transatlantic flight needed to bring him to Albacon physically. Instead, we are planning to bring him to the con via telecommunication that will, we hope enable him to participate in a number of the con’s activities.
Gaming: Call of Cthulhu Adventure (2/9/2016) - Jim Cambias will be game master for Free Return: A Call of Cthulhu adventure for 2 to 6 players. The giant Cycler spacecraft orbits between Earth and Mars, carrying explorers to the Red Planet and bringing back the previous crews. But six months ago, the Cycler and its crew of four stopped communicating with Mission Control. Tracking indicates that the [...]
Progress Report Available (2/8/2016) - Our progress report can be downloaded as a PDF. Click on the link to the right, under Albacon Publications.  
Friday Catered Lunch (1/31/2016) - This year we are again having a catered, plated lunch on Friday, but it is not limited to the Writer’s Workshop attendees. Think of it as a Mini-Banquet for those who arrive early. The cost per person is $15 in advance, $17.50 at con (including all taxes and gratuity). We’ll post a copy of the menu on our website when [...]
Membership Rates Update (1/29/2016) - Rates will be going up on February 9, from $30 to $35. Albacon has a Saturday-only rate of $10. It’s available for purchase via the website and also at the door.
Masquerade PRIZES to be awarded (1/26/2016) - Wear your best hall costume! We’ll be awarding prizes Saturday evening! $100, $50, $25 for the top three hall costumes at Albacon! Hall costume? Something you can wear comfortably around the halls of the hotel.
Ramsey Campbell, Horror Guest of Honor (1/12/2016) - Described by the Oxford Companion to English Literature as “Britain’s most respected living horror writer,” Ramsey Campbell will be the Horror Guest of Honor at Albacon. Over a career spanning half a centuiry, his stories have received multiple awards. In 2015, he received a Life Achievement award from World Fantasy Convention. Mr. Campbell had been scheduled to be at WFC; [...]
Dawn McKechnie, Fan Guest of Honor (11/19/2015) - Dawn McKechnie has accepted our invitation to be our Fan Guest of Honor.  From the Toronto area, Dawn is very well know in the Canadian anime and cosplay communities, as well as among traditional costumers on both sides of the border. More on Dawn here.
Heidi Hooper, Artist Guest of Honor (10/12/2015) - Heidi Hooper is the Dryer Lint Lady — Believe it or Not. Her work is showing in Ripley’s Believe it or Not museums around the world, and Heidi was featured in their books. Her work is also currently showing in galleries in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. See More on Heidi Hooper
Registration Rates Extended (9/29/2015) - Registration Rate of $25 has been extended thru 8 November, until the end of World Fantasy.
David Weber, Author Guest Of Honor (8/17/2015) - David Weber is Albacon’s Author Guest Of Honor for 2016. Author of the New York Times Best Seller List Honor Harrington series, David has also written fantasy (Oath of Swords/hradani series), works in the Bolo universe, and many other works. For a full bio, see David Weber, Guest of Honor
Registration Rates (8/17/2015) - Rates: The per-person registration rate for the full weekend depends on when you register. Click this post’s title for more info.