Dawn McKechnie, Fan Guest of Honor

DawnMDawn McKechnie, also known as “Kaijugal” has been involved in the Canadian costuming community and international costuming fandom for over 20 years.

Although she has won numerous awards throughout the years for her unique costume creations, in the past fifteen years Dawn has heavily involved with organizing, administration, and education at costume events.

She currently not only coordinates the Cosplay Events Department for Anime North, but is also the director of several masquerades including FANEXPO and Otakuthon . She has participated as a judge at many cons such as, Anime Next, Phoenix Comicon, ConBravo , Costume-Con, and Worldcon. Occasionally, Dawn has served as the Canadian News Editor at cosplay.com , and currently she is serving as President of the Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada.

In 2013 Dawn was bestowed with the honor of receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Costumers Guild.