Hands-on Costuming Workshops

Albacon will be running four hands-on workshops on Saturday.  Members can create special items to add to their costumes (some may require a small materials fee).  Workshops are:

Beaded Talisman Pouch

Come join Lisa Ashton and Carol Salemi, for a workshop to create your own beaded talisman pouch to wear as a necklace. Our kit is $10 and includes all materials and supplies needed. No beading experience required, Carol & Lisa have taught many bead workshops for years and can get you beading! No pre-reg, all are welcome.

Mini Hat

Come join Carol Salemi and Lisa Ashton to trim and decorate your own mini-hat!  We will have the hats, which clip to the hair, and all manner of dress trim, beads, feathers, and decorative elements to attach to your hat.  Cost is $5 for all you need, and an extra $5 will get you the “rosette kit” to make a hand-sewn rosette for your hat as well.  No pre-reg, all are welcome, all ages.  All supplies and glue guns provided for use at the workshop.

Artcard Draw and Swap

Artist Trading Cards are miniature artworks about the same size as modern trading cards or baseball cards. This is a guided workshop where you will create an artcard to swap with another workshop member. Everyone creates, everyone gets a card to take home.

Fashion Folio

People come to the workshop, pick up a Croquis* which the con will supply a selection of, and then they draw what they speculate future or aliens fashions might be like. Then GOH Dawn McKecknie will collect them from all willing participants and they will be submitted to a jury for potential inclusion in the Costume-Con 35 fashion folio, even potentially being made by an international costume designer if they are selected.