Saturday Night Extravaganza!

An Albacon tradition:  The Saturday Night Extravaganza is a special event designed for fun and entertainment.  This year, we have something very different.  The fun begins Saturday night at 8:00

Introduction to Morris Dancing:  From Discworld to Our World

Morris DancingParticipants will be introduced to Morris dancing; as depicted in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels and as a living dance tradition in the UK and North America.  Most of the hour will be spent learning a beginner level morris dance, so please come prepared for physical activity. Comfortable shoes and clothing are highly recommended.

This workshop is open to all.  Familiarity with the Discworld novels is not required.  If you are looking for a healthy aerobic activity that comes with obscure historical origins and social opportunities that definitely won’t compromise your geeky self-image, then you may enjoy Morris dancing.

Instructor Fred Henson is a longtime Discworld fan who also has over twenty years of experience performing and teaching Morris dancing.  He has danced on six Morris teams in New York and Minnesota and is currently an officer of Pokingbrook Morris in Albany, NY.

Cosplay/Costume Ball

Dress up and dance!  After the Morris dancing, take the floor in costume and  make your own dancing.  Music by Erwin “Filthy Pierre” Strauss.