Watch Party

We will be holding video watch parties during the con. People will watch video on Amazon or Netflix and comment in a common room at the con.

If you don’t have an Amazon or Netflix account, sign up for a free trial.

The Tomorrow WarSci-Fi138
PG13AmazonLive Action9:00 PMFriday
The Last UnicornFantacy92 minGAmazonAnimation10:00 AMSaturday
Fate Grand Order: First OrderFantacy72 minTV14NetfilixAnimation12:00 PMSaturday
Ghost in the Shell 2.0Sci-Fi83 min16+AmazonAnimation2:00 PMSaturday
Evagleon: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon a TimeSci-Fi155 min16+AmazonAnimation4:00 PMSaturday
Cherry 2000Sci-Fi98 minPG13AmazonLive Action7:00 PMSaturday
Army of the DeadHorror148 min  RNetfilixLive Action9:00 PM Saturday