Art Show/Dealers

In appreciation of our former dealers and artists, we are offering a free listing on our website. We thank them for their support of Albacon. Please show them your appreciation with your patronage.

We thank the following past supporters:

Alan F. Beck, Artist


Sarah Clemens, Artist


Johnna Klukas, Artist

Trained Termites Woodworking

Facebook, YouTube

Peter & Gary Kushner, Booksellers

The Mind’s Eye Book Store

(978) 987-6302

Maria Perry, Bookseller

Flights of Fantasy Books

(518) 542-7562


Nightwing Whitehead, Artist/Costumer

(860) 402-0847

Facebook, LinkedIn

Ian Randal Strock, Bookseller

Fantastic Books

(917) 755-6935

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Lisa Hertel, Artist

The Cogitation Zone

FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter

Ed Trachtenberg, Dealer

The Dragon’s Lair