Costume winners 2019Albacon welcomes costumers/cosplayers! There will be program items on the subject, leading up to our costume contest on Saturday, with cash prizes for the winners.

On Saturday, our Hall Costume Contest will be held again this year, with CASH PRIZES: $25, $50, and $100 for the  third, second, and first prize winners chosen by our judges, so wear your best
Cosplay/Hall Costumes on Saturday and show them off to the judges and the audience. Last year, we had 23 entries in the contest, with costumes varying from anime, films, and literary characters to original designs.

Cosplay and hall costumes are welcome throughout the weekend, at all events, not just Saturday’s Notamasquerade. You can stay in character, drop in and out of character, or just show off your stuff, as you wish. Feel free to change your dress and character several times each day, if you wish. Please keep things to PG-13; you will be in public spaces of the hotel. Prepare to be photographed a lot!

There will be cosplay and costuming programming throughout the convention.
They’ll be listed in our program schedule when it is finalized. If you have ideas for program items you’d like to see, send them to our program chair, using the form on our “Contact Us” page.