Gaming Enclave

Hello Everyone! Albacon 2021 is Here!!! We will post additional information on the items available on our Facebook page. With our format being online, the experience for Gaming will be, as expected, different than in-person.

Albacon Gaming will be lite this year. James Cambias will be running a Roll20 game of Weird War 1: “The Black Khan” at 2:00pm on Saturday. You must join Roll20 to play, but registration is free. Links and more info will be shared in our Gaming room. Stop by our Room off of the Main Hall and share your favorite online games and resources. Together we will create a post-con package to share with attendees. Remember to register for the con and I will see you there!

The reality of gaming in an online world is more complex, and pervasive, than some might think. While we can experience games through platforms like Twitch, consoles, mobile devices, and desktops, social media and forums continue to open worlds of information to players and enthusiasts in traditional settings. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram/Facebook, Reddit, and more have expanded the variety of people that can influence everything from our table top play to cosplay. We will share a library of some of the content creators out there and encourage you to share your favorites with other attendees.

I look forward to seeing all of you virtually at this year’s convention and hearing your stories of adventure and discovery.

Christopher J. Ford
Albacon 2021 Gaming