October 8-10

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Gaming at Albacon

Since Albacon 1996, gaming has been a part of the Albacon experience. Our family style gaming environment offers you a chance to stop by between panels/events and relax for a few minutes. Or stay longer and participate in a variety of board, role playing, or collectible card games. It's a great place to network and share experiences, stories, and gaming ideas. Please contact us if you would like to run a game or to request that a game be included in the schedule. We look forward to seeing you at Albacon 2010!


Keep an eye on this spot for updates!

Friday: 6:30pm - Midnight Open Gaming
  9:00pm - 10:00pm Cyber Warriors Offline Meet & Greet
Saturday:    10:00am - Midnight  Open Gaming
  10:00am - 2:00pm Mixed Version Dungeon Crawl
  2:00pm - Midnight Board Game Challenge
Sunday: 10:00am - 1:00pm Open Gaming


Pool Room


Cyber Warriors Offline Meet & Greet

The swamps of a foreign land. The aether of the Galactic Rim. The thrill of standing after a battle, the bodies of 1,000 trolls encircling you. You have traveled the virtual landscape to prove yourself. Now come and brag a little. Share your favorite adventures. Recommend your favorite online or console game. Learn what others are playing and what foes they face. The next great adventure could be but a story away ....

Mixed Version Dungeon Crawl

Bring your mini. Bring a character. Bring your dice. And bring bandages - your character may need them. This 3D dungeon crawl will feature multiple entry points, story lines, and encounter levels. Bring any standard PHB character from Dungeons & Dragons: 4th Edition or Edition 3.5. Play in 30 minute segments. Your group of 4 can also reserve time at the table in 2 hour blocks.

Not into D&D? Then your group of up to 4 players can reserve time at the table and run your own system using the landscape provided. The standard 1in x 1in layout of the landscape can be adapted to most RPG schemes.

Board Game Challenge

She looked at you the wrong way! This means war! Chess at high noon or else!

They just couldn't leave it alone. They kept spouting all lies during that last panel. Their Empire is mine in Star Wars Monopoly!

Whether we provide the game or you bring your own, the grudge match is yours to define. It's not destiny or choice. It's destiny and choice.

Sponsors and Supporters

Flights of Fantasy Books, Games, & Accessories, Colonie, NY.
Ford Computing Services, Fulton County, NY.

Contact Information for Gaming

Christopher J. Ford
Director of Gaming
PO Box 2085
Albany NY 12220-0085
gaming  @ albacon  . org 
?subject=Albacon Gaming Contact

Hotel Rooms Still Available

Sept 20, 2010

And Free shuttle from airport, train or bus station.
See Hotel page for more information.

Program Participants Added

Sept 15, 2010

Jackie Kessler has agreed to be Albacon 2011 Guest of Honor. She is joining Programming for Albacon 2010.

Program Participants Added

Sept 14, 2010

Joining Programming at Albacon are CJ Henderson, Leslie Thomas, Tony Pacitti, Peter Prellwitz, Stephanie Julian and Paul Park.

AlbaKids Canceleld

Sept 14, 2010

Albacon regrets that we have to cancel the Albakid Program. We will refund the Albakid membership to the parents of the children. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Next Committee Meeting

Sept 14, 2010

Next committee meeting is Wednesday September 22, at 6 PM, at the Albany Public Library, Main Branch on Washington Avenue, conference room 2.

Program Participants Added

Sept 1, 2010

Albacon has several new guests, and updated bios. Check it out!
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Program Participants Added

August 9, 2010

Joining Programming at Albacon are Jennifer Schwabach, Steven Sawicki and Pete Prellwitz.

Art Show Forms

July 21, 2010

Art show forms are now available for download
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