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Guests and Program
Information about confirmed guests and Program Items


A preliminary program is now online in Adobe Acrobat format.

The Film Program is now available.

Guest of Honor
Peter David  
Albacon is pleased to announce Peter David, the self-described "writer of stuff", as this year's guest of honor. He has had a long and distinguished career as a writer. He has published over fifty novels, written for television series such as Babylon5, and worked on many comics, including, for twelve years, The Incredible Hulk.
Artist Guest of Honor
Omar Rayyan  
Omar Rayyan, Albacon's Artist Guest of Honor, is an award-winning fantasy artist whose credits include illustrations for authors such as Kathleen Duey, Susan Cooper, and John Vornholt, to name just a few.
Webcomic Guest
J. Jacques  
According to his website, "Jeph Jacques was born on June 17, 1980 (that makes him 25, if you don't feel like doing the math) in Rockville, Maryland. He has drawn cartoons and pictures for pretty much his entire life, but QC is the first of his work to get a lot of recognition. He currently lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts and plays his guitar too loud for his own good. "
Special Guests

Thomas G. Atkinson
Billie Aul
Rich Bonk
Patricia Bray
Morgan S Brilliant
Wayne Brown
Ann Kelleher Bush
S.C. Butler
Jeanine Cammerate
Barbara Campbell
Mary Catelli
Kathryn Cramer
Peter David
Susan De Guardiola
Wendy Delmater
Jennifer Dunne
Tom Easton
Carl Frederick
Al Halstead
Jess Hartley
David Hartwell
John Hebert
Elaine Isaak
Annie Kelleher
Suford Lewis
Tony Lewis

Andre Liavan
Paul Martens
Terry McGarry
Virginia McMorrow
Clayton L. McNally
Melissa Mead
Joshua Palmatier
Paul Park
David Peters
Steven E. Popkes
Peter Prellwitz
Chuck Rothman
Deb Ruh
Don Sakers
Nick Sagan
Pamela Sargent
Steve Sawicki
Lawrence M. Schoen
Jennifer Schwabach
Melissa Scott
Tim Smith
Ryk E. Spoor
David Stephenson
Ian Randal Strock
Shane Tourtellotte
George Zebrowski

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