Albacon Logo: Meteor with Albacon Text Albacon 2005
Science Fiction Convention
October 7 - 9, 2005
Columbus Day Weekend
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Guests of Honor

2005 Guests

GoH: Terry Brooks

I'm pleased to announce that Terry Brooks has agreed to be guest of honor at Albacon 2005.

Brooks is the author of the popular "Shannara" and "Landover" fantasy series, among others, and is one of the most popular authors in the genre. You can check out for a look (as if you need to).

-- Chuck Rothman

AGoH: Rowena

I am very pleased to announce that artist Rowena will be the Artist Guest of Honor for Albacon 2005. Please see for information about Rowena and see examples of her fine work.

-- Jenny Kraus

FGoHs: Byron and Tina Connell

Special Guest: Travis Tea (Author of ATLANTA NIGHTS)

Previous Guests

The following guests have been honored at Albacon in the past. LASTSFA and the Albacon committees applaud and appreciate their contributions to Science Fiction in the Capital Region. Inclusion on this list does not guarantee future attendance. Of course, it doesn't exclude it either.

2004 Guest of Honor

David Drake

2004 Fan Guest of Honor

David Kyle

2003 Guest of Honor

2002 Guest of Honor

2001 Guest of Honor

2000 Guest of Honor

1999 Guest of Honor

1998 Guest of Honor

1997 Guest of Honor

1996 Guest of Honor

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