Albacon Logo: Meteor with Albacon Text Albacon 2005
Science Fiction Convention
October 7 - 9, 2005
Columbus Day Weekend
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Masquerade Competition

Come and show off that period outfit you've been working on! Try out that Halloween costume! Take the spotlight with your latest creation and join in the fun.

Masquerade? What is it?

A chance to indulge in your alter ego. Costumes can be anything related to Science Fiction or Fantasy. Ambassador from another galaxy, wood nymph, or Medieval wizard. It's always more fun to get into the action.

For those who are avid costumers this is a great forum for testing out a costume to make sure all the pieces work well together from getting dressed to getting undressed before actually presenting it at a regional or major con. (Do you know how long it takes to get into your costume, how well each piece stays where you put it after you wear it for awhile etc.)

Albacon's masquerade is also a nice chance to present a costume to fans who might have missed it at a major costume call.

We really do try to keep this low key and fun.

If all that isn't a good enough reason to get creative, we do present nifty certificates and even small cash prizes.

You can go to the masquerade registration form on-line or register at the convention. Snacks and last minute help is provided in the "magenta room" (not to be confused with the green room for guests).

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about costuming E-mail me at


Rotsler's Rules
Never been in this type of event before. Here are some general (and some whimsical) rules to live by.
Registration Form
You should bring this with you. Copies will be available onsite, but it helps move things along if they are already filled out.
This is a copy of the text above that you can download and print to hand out to others or keep for your records.

Helpful Links

The International Costumers Guild
Local branch: NJ/NY Costumer's Guild (Sick Pups)

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